Ullis Karlsson Yoga to open your heart Find your own light By Fatima Gorezi Ullis Karlsson is a well known Swedish Yoga teacher, author, lecturer and soul coach, working on a global arena. She has been studying Yoga, and other alternative disciplines for over 25 years. Her experience is both on a private and professional level, and she is considered to be an expert in Stress and Relaxation. Ullis is working with clients that come from all fields of life; people longing for more inner peace, a juicier, rich, fulfilling and balanced life. She helps her clients to reduce stress and increase the connection with their true essence and their inner desires. Her vision is to create this world a softer, happier more loving world to live in.  Can you tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey ? My entrepreneurial journey is probably a bit unusual. It originates from a time when I was too sick and depressed to continue working as a preschool teacher, a job that totally drained me of my life energy, so I finally resigned. This decision had been ‘brewing’ for many years, since my job was my only financial ‘life line’. I ended up being on sick leave for many years, went through a difficult divorce, but I emerged from it as stronger person. More aligned with my inner essence. I then used all the experiences of my own inner journey to create my business and move into my life purpose. When was your very first introduction to yoga? It was already in 1993. I was in Australia and I encountered a physical form of yoga. It was something that resonated with me, with the rest [...]

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