7 traits of what women should know about men  Trevor Clarke As I read and edited the submissions from three male contributors, it gave me constant smiles and even laughter. I could resonate with much of what was being said. There is a common theme and many similarities in the views, and if I had written a piece, it would most probably have been a blend of the three with just a few additional nuggets. Don’t get us wrong, I, and the other men here, love women, we love your company, having great conversations with you, and appreciate the many qualities and talents that you have and contribute. It is part of the equilibrium in this world that men and women need each other to complement each other’s strengths, and of course, to tolerate each other’s “weaknesses” (we may not recognise them as such!). For balance, we will do a follow up feature, for the new magazine, Global Man, where we will invite women to offer their view of what men should know about women. If we can understand each other a little better, and collaborate together more rather than as separate entities, as if on different planets, then it will be our contribution towards the new paradigm and for making this a more balanced world, of harmony and less conflict. Do send us your views, Global Women, on what men should know about you!  Ben Chai/ Property Investor We all like compliments…. Men are simple 
That doesn’t mean that we aren’t intelligent or clever. Men say what they mean. There is no underlying message. If a man says he is tired – he is tired. If he is staring into the sky and you [...]

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