42% of women in the UK know someone who had to give up work due to lack of flexibility New study from Women in Business Expo uncovers the challenges women face in the workplace Farnborough, UK. 04 September 2019 – New research from Women in Business Expo has found a lack of flexibility and issues with childcare are some of the biggest challenges women in the UK face in their careers. The research, which surveyed working women throughout the UK, found that 42% of women know someone who has had to give up work due to a lack of flexible working options.  In fact, 40% of British women say the lack of flexible working options available has been the biggest challenge they have faced in their own career, whilst 39% have struggled to find a role with the right level of flexibility required.  Failures in flexibility can have a far reaching impact on the work/life balance of many women. For 67% of British women having a work/life balance is more important to them than salary, but 39% are still frustrated that they have had to sacrifice their salary and career progression so that they can ensure they have the right work/life balance in bringing up a family. Worryingly, juggling family and work commitments is still a big issue for working women in the UK. Just under half (48%) of women know someone who has had to give up work due to the cost of childcare and 19% have either denied or not mentioned to potential employers that they have or are planning to have children. In addition, 20% of women surveyed stated they would have to take parental leave even though they earn more than t [...]

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