Women in Business – 4 successful stories from Vienna By Fati Gorezi Barbara Flasch-Breulmann , Asetila Köstinger ,  Katharina Plange and Ela Lair are four amazing women from Vienna. They are all entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating positive change through high impact communication. In this article they share their stories to help inspire others to stay motivated and to take action in their lives.   Barbara Flasch-Breulmann- The Magic of Thinking Big Barbara Flasch-Breulmann has been an entrepreneur and marketer since she finished her international studies at the end of the 90s. Barbara had originally worked as a consultant for more than 300 international and global players and over the last 15 years she developed strategies and campaigns for service orientated financial stock listed companies. She has successfully conducted consultancy assignments for companies from family owned businesses, Ferrero, Stabilo etc. up to Fortune 500 Companies such as Coca Cola, Nestlé, and Estée Lauder. Can you tell us more about your business and how you developed it? ‘Fluu.io’ is an influencer and brand portal that connects brands with relevant influencers around the globe. The uniqueness of this platform Is the algorithm that matches brands with the influencers on qualitative and quantitative criteria. It was founded as a spin-off of a multi-unit Marketing and Communication agency to create a link between professional brand marketing strategy and people with a relevant audience. How will you take your business from Vienna to a global level? It was launched [...]

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