Francine O – Women do not have to wear makeup to be self-confident   Francine O. truly believes deep down in her heart tha all women are beautiful. It is a mission she has given to herself to help women discover a version of their beauty overlooked by themselves. Makeup is not supposed to change who you are, hide so-called flaws but to enhance your natural beauty. Once you realise how beautiful you are, you will feel more confident and ready to conquer the world. She helps her clients feel beautiful  = empowered. Where do you get your inspiration from?  My inspiration first comes from my childhood, my mother and the women in my family, my culture, my origins. I was born in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) in Africa and although I spent most of my life in France, my cultural background has had and still has a huge impact on how I envision beauty, thus inspiring me. In Africa, taking care of oneself is something we learn from a very young age. Growing up, as young girls, we are taught by our mother and aunts how to look good, in our own terms, and where I come from it starts from being confident and proud. This idea of beauty and confidence is the basis of my inspiration, and when I am looking for ideas looking at magazines, Instagram or even in the streets, it is what I am looking for. Not specific colors or style, but confidence. I will look at women that transpires confidence and analyze the way they handle themselves, their smile and their face. They could be 20, 40, 80, black, white, business women, stay at home moms… it does not matter: confidence comes fir [...]

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