Yadira Gonzalez Munoz Women, conquer your fear and fuel your success! By Fatima Gorezi With her very modest and discrete appearance Yadira Gonzalez Munoz makes her presence noticed in a gentle way whenever she’s around people in a big gathering. As soon as you get the chance to speak with her, a new world of experience opens up and admiration occurs. This 49 year old lady, known as a leader, pastor and entrepreneur has been through some of life’s toughest trials as a human being. Born in Colombia, having her heart in Ecuador and living in Belgium, she had to provide for her 3 children as a single mother for several years preceding a life changing event. Now she owns business as a life coach and a business builder and encourages people to go forward and create their own opportunity by identifying their “Why”. Who/What inspired you to become an entrepreneur and to start your own business? My kids, before I met my partner, and as a single mother one income was not enough to survive with 3 kids. That is especially after my accident as well as with a disability check making it even harder. I wanted to create my own freedom, my own independence and my own destiny, all to get a better future from just a monthly disability check. Getting a real job was not an option due to my body pains from the accident, so the best way was to become my own boss and work from home at my own time and my own pace. My desire is to help people to ease their own pains physically, emotionally, and financially. How do you define your purpose in life? I found my life purpose after my accident. I [...]

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