Agnes George – Women are becoming ambassadors to be the catalyst for change  By Fatima Gorezi  Agnes George is an International Speaker, Health Strategist and Coach. She became a qualified teacher, trained at the University of the West Indies, with a passion for educating of young children; But felt her passion was elsewhere in the field of nursing and midwifery, and preterm babies. Always willing to help individuals, and to add value, she has always aimed to be a leader, providing benefits and value to those she encounters. Agnes has been speaking on the prevention of type 2 diabetes internationally. She has used her knowledge and extensive experience in Nursing Leadership, and coaching to make a difference to inspire, motivate, transform lives of people. Working with them 1:1 and one to many,she delivers life-changing results beyond their expectations. She is also an author,and is completing her second book on the subject of Diabetes Type 2 Prevention. How did your upbringing define who you are today? Agnes George came from a very humble beginning. Being the oldest of three girls, itwas always instilled in me from a very early age to go to school, get a good education, in order to get a good job so I can take care of my parents in their old age. I would have the responsibility of the role model for my other siblings. I had to be perfect,an example to my two sisters, be the best at everything I did to make my mother proud of me.She has always been my main supporter, now and all throughout my professional career, asI lost my father at a very young age. At school I w [...]

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