Jehona Sopi – The Gift of Life Why It’s Okay If Things Aren’t Always Perfect By Fatima Gorezi  Jehona Sopi is an Albanian-Kosovar singer. She has participated in many festivals and has won many awards. Now as an affirmed singer, Jehona Sopi has managed to conquer the musical scene and the hearts of thousands of fans. She began to sing when she was very young, and at the same time would be presenting in various spectacles of beauty. With the pleasant voice, charm and fascinating scenic appearance, she is not only liked and admired in Kosovo, but also in Albania, North Macedonia and beyond. Jehona, you are a famous singer in Albania and Kosovo. How do you remember the beginning of your career? I was a very young girl when I realised that I wanted to be part of the art world, although my primary wish as a child was to be an actress; but along the journey, my musical talent brought me to singing. I was very lucky because I did what I had dreamed of as a child. You are a well-known singer but with a background in education, psychology and sociology. What more can you tell us about your work in the “Psycho-Social Center Hope – Pristina and the Psycho-Social Center of Drita – Gjilan”? It started quite randomly, since I was a mother and the wellbeing of the children was very important for me. Although I do not work in the profession of psychologist, I have tried, with professionals of different profiles, to offer professional services for children with various psychological difficulties. Currently, we operate in two cities, and we are ach [...]

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