By Srishti Kapoor We are experiencing a world crisis of huge dimensions at the moment. The virus has taken over our lives and all of us are going through negative emotions of panic, depression, stress, loneliness, fear, anxiety, and despair. This could be the first time we as a global community understand each other and relate more than ever before. What we don’t know is many women are going through these emotions and fighting to live every day. Research has shown that women are the first victims of armed conflict, violence, and wars. There are a few charitable organisations which help women to get their life back to normal. Let’s take a look at the efforts of the Intisar Foundation which is the first charity organisation in the Middle East that provides psychological support to Arabic women affected by the trauma of war. They do this through the therapeutic approach of Drama Therapy, which uses dance, movement, and acting to release tension and heal trauma.  The core team members of Intisar Foundation recently published a book called Circle of Love. It explores the inspirational stories of 87 powerful women from all around the world. It features women of all backgrounds, from models, entrepreneurs and designers, to artists, refugee survivors, poets, and princesses. Each one has dedicated their life to supporting vulnerable groups in society. They spend their time, energy, and effort in helping others. Their agenda is to foster change in order to make the world a better place and put a smile on someone’s face. Yet, they ask for nothing in return. While we are all bu [...]

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