Dr. Sonia Kennedy –“Approach to failure to thrive” By Fatima Gorezi Dr. Sonia aka “The Biz Therapist” is a Life Coach, Therapist, Storyteller, & CEO Trainer. She is the founder of Empowering Wellness 360, a coaching and consulting company, that helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses transform their leadership through the power of personal development and innovation.  Dr. Sonia works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to unlock their mental blocks, eradicate limiting beliefs, and align their vision with their business goals. As a result, clients are able to gain clarity, take action, and have a massive impact. How did being in the military help you define success as a woman leader? My time spent in the military provided me with a lot of the training and discipline that I use today to operate my businesses.  The military taught me that success as a woman leader isn’t about making one big decision, its about making dozens of small decisions.  I learned how to weigh my successes and my lessons learned with equal importance. This is still a system I utilize today. I learned in the military how to be ok with making choices that aren’t always obvious or liked, and they are often not simple.  Now, today, I recognize that even the small wins count. There were days in my business starting out that were long and slow. As a woman business owner, I believe that you must constantly assess where you are in your business as well, how you are growing the business, and how you are leading.   Success is knowing that no one succeeds alone, tha [...]

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