Who will marry me? By Mirela Sula I don’t know about you but when I was a young girl, I was brought up with the “anxiety” that the most important thing that I should worry about is how to find a man and make sure I get married as soon as possible. Because in my culture, if you hit a certain age (and you are a woman) then you become a “charity case” and you feel that if a man decides to marry you, he is making you a favour. This is probably why I ended up being engaged at the age of seventeen and married at nineteen. In my mind was nailed the idea that a woman has a worth only if she has a man in her side. I was hearing all the time in my mind the voice of my mother, “Behave, and be a good girl, otherwise who is going to marry you? You need a man in your life to survive in this world”. The whole of society was putting pressure all the time on young women to take decisions and get married in their early twenties, otherwise they would feel left aside, like assets that nobody wanted to buy anymore. I am afraid that in some areas of my culture, and many other cultures, this pressure is still present. Even now, when more and more women are fighting for inner empowerment and wakening up many other women to realise that the most important thing for us is not finding a man, but firstly finding yourself, cultivating the self love and feeling the worth, the value that we have as women. When I published the book “Don’t Let Your Mind Go” which became a best-seller in my country overnight, there was one chapter that attracted the attention of hundreds of women who [...]

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