When Rim Sparks Fly –Become a Spark Plug for Someone Else! How One Woman’s Flat Tire Inspired a Global Trucking Movement By Keith Martino The sun baked down on the four door station wagon stalled on the side of the road. And the driver inside fumed and sizzled. “What do you mean you can’t help? I’m stranded,” she explained in haste. “Two hours?” “Surely, you’re joking!” The conversation screeched to a tense halt. You wouldn’t need a PhD to know that the driver of the car, Virginia, Ellen’s mother was out of sorts. Virginia was a strong person, but the signs were evident. Her face was red. Her pulse was racing. And her adrenaline was pumping. Unfortunately, it seemed Virginia wasn’t going anywhere fast on that particular day. Across town, Ellen’s father’s heart was also pounding. He owned the local funeral home and despite his sincere desire to help, he was completely out of position to solve his wife’s dilemma. Virginia’s rear tire was flat and the July heat was driving the mercury level through the roof. As the proverbial philosopher once wrote, “If necessity is the mother of invention, bad timing is the father.” This seemingly unfortunate incident spawned a significant advancement in the trucking industry. It’s an advancement that we celebrate today. To understand the impact of this one lady’s untimely flat tire on an entire industry, you’d need to fast-forward almost a decade. On another memorable occasion, Ellen’s now calm, cool and collected mother stood beside Ellen quietly encouraging her with words like “You ca [...]

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