GLOBAL MAN MAGAZINE PRESENTS  A one day Conference “What’s Wrong With Men?”  Sponsored by Global Woman Magazine Supported by Business Woman Today March 17th 2018 – Holiday Inn – Regents Park, London  Global Man Magazine is pleased to announce a unique and unmissable one day event focused on an extremely important issue that affects both men and women in every walk of life. Despite enormous strides over many years to achieve equality and respect, women the world over are still experiencing degrading and often humiliating exploitation and abuse from men. Why is this behaviour still deemed acceptable? And what can be done to bring this situation to an end? The time has come for a serious global debate in order to bring the real facts out into the open and to expose the truth. Hosted by six experienced and empowered women this conference serves to address the key issues that need resolution and ‘Global Man Magazine’ has therefore invited twenty carefully selected male speakers to address the problems and potential solutions to this seemingly perpetual global phenomenon. So what exactly is the problem being addressed? Hardly a day goes by without the media reporting the unacceptable abuse and exploitation of women across the globe. This is not just a ‘cultural’ issue experienced in under-developed countries however. This is a global problem that has manifested at the highest levels of business and society. In government offices, in Hollywood film studios, in boardrooms and in organisations across the world women continue to be verbally and sexu [...]

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  1. This conference sounds great what’s wrong with men ,,?
    Well have too say these men don’t start out these ways it’s how men as babies small children are conditioned very often by their parents with boys all too often their own mothers or female guardians who shape their early years this in its self causing the damage these men show towards women in their lives hence domestic violence etc
    AS a Sosa thriver Empowered with EA.UK I’m also being given support through a relationship which is very volatile too.
    The guy I married has narsistc traits which stem from his early childhood too this is evident as his family never see him as the problem in particular his own mother also sister too .
    So these conferences are essential too every woman who’s voice needs listening too.
    Thankyou for allowing these subjects too be spoken out about as awareness in any form of abuse is also vital with ways forward with all women in these situations too
    Linda Sosa thriver
    Empowered with EA.UK as a volunteer with EA.UK who are supporting me on my journey too.