Web Summit -The Rise of Women in Technology By Fatima Gorezi From 4-7th November Lisbon has been the host country of WEB SUMMIT, one of the biggest technology events in the world.  This summit is very important in the world of technology and its brings together people and companies that redefines the new trend on tech world. The event welcomed more than 1200 speakers from all over the world and 2500  journalists including Bloomberg, Financial Times, Forbes, CNN, CNBC, and the Wall Street Journal.This year has also outdone all Web Summit events in terms of gender ratio, with this year’s participants being 46.3% female. This surpasses last year’s event where the figure was at 44.5%, and also this year’s North American conference Collision in Toronto, where the event was 45.7% female. More than 2000 start ups were there and the opportunity for information, business connections and network was so evident and real. CEOs and powerful speakers, some of the exponents of the biggest companies in the world who shared on stage topics ranging from deep tech and data science, to design and environmental sustainability. 70,469 participants from 163 countries enjoyed and received information about the technological situation in the world today, the latest innovations and inventions. Technology is very important nowadays. It is becoming more and more determinant for our daily lives. Technology has changed people’s lives year by year, making work and life easier. Reminding the years when technology was not well developed and jobs in all spheres had great difficulties, [...]

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