Jessica Bredero – Ways to establish your inner balance By Fatima Gorezi  Jessica Bredero is MunayWillaq, a Voice of Munay. Munay is a word from Inca cosmology and means love, or “The will to love.” Munay has both the power of the will and the softness of love. Munay is about an inner attitude and a particular view on life. In 2003, Jessica made a vision quest along the shores of Lake Titicaca, the land of the ancient Incas in Peru. During her voyage, the spirit of the lake was her guide. As a farewell, Lady Titicaca presented Jessica a symbol and asked her to spread it. When did your spiritual journey begin? In my view, all of life is spiritual. And to my knowledge, life has no beginning and no end. Live is an ever-moving and a timeless evolving flow of changes and growth.My current spiritual path started with my birth. But, as far as I know, I was a free spiritual being before entering a flesh and blood vehicle. This means that apart from being human, this spiritual essence is still part of me. So, I have two elements inside me which are not necessarily in harmony with each other. To me, the unconditional love in the spirit world and the demands of daily life have always been at odds. This causes me a considerable amount of frustration. Overcoming this frustration and finding a balance between my spirituality and my daily life was, and still is, a challenge for me. It demands effort and willpower to get there and trying to stay there, but this is what spirituality is about: training my mind to overcome limiting assumptions about myself. The great gift [...]

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