Maaike Driessen-Laverman -Want Success? Get High on Your Energy By Fatima Gorezi She is on a mission to help people boost their energy, lower their stress levels and regain crucial balance, within just a few minutes. So we can all have our life flow more effortlessly. Maaike is certain that all that is needed is the knowledge she shares – and our own two hands. Her dream is that the method snowballs and radiates a better quality of life to all around us. But not only that, the wish is for our children and grandchildren to lead better lives as well, with less stress, because they have full knowledge of how to balance themselves. What can you tell us about your childhood and upbringing, and how it has influenced you? My parents divorced when I was only 4 years old, which was quite rare back then in the Netherlands. At times I would not be invited to some of my friends’ homes, as I was the child of divorcees. As you can imagine, because of that, I was always very happy when I actually felt welcome somewhere. I think this was when I began to develop a strong sense of gratefulness. Then, after the divorce, my mother started working. We had people to help in the house and they looked after my brother, stepbrother, stepsister and me during the week. These people are still very special to me, they did an incredible job. But I still decided that I wanted to raise my kids myself and be a ‘stay at home’ mum. In 2008, however, I became seriously ill and  realised that I had to make some changes. My illness showed me that along with taking care of my family, I also really [...]

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