Bente Milton My Vision About the Pathways Project Bente describes herself as first and foremost the mother of 5 wonderful children and 5 wonderful grandchildren. Her first child was born when she was18 and the last one when she was 45 and while there is a great span between them age wise Bente says that they are all closely connected.  Her professional background is teaching and filmmaking. She has directed and produced a large number of documentaries, which has been broadcast in many countries and screened at film festivals around the world. “It’s been a great privilege over the years to travel around the world exploring fascinating stories and connecting with all kinds of interesting people” says Bente.  She doesn’t like to leave her children for more than a few days at a time, so her solution has often been to bring them with her. In Bente’s words “It’s been a funny set up sometimes, with production assistants carrying camera equipment alongside with baby equipment, but kids are great travel companions and I think their presence has added an extra dimension to my film work”. Since 2013 Bente has been collaborating closely with Ervin Laszlo, who is a renowned systems philosopher and founder of The Club of Budapest. CoB is an international Think Tank with many high profile members from the world of Science, Art, Politics and Spirituality, so it is an honour and privilege for me to be part of that group.  Over the past five years Bente has started to explore the new media landscape, and has discovered how virtual spaces can be used for community building [...]

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