Veerle Huygen  “Women can be ‘Agents of Change’ and bring more balance to society” By Fati Gorezi After a successful career of 15 years in Human Resources, Veerle Huygen decided to become self-employed and created her own job. She helps entrepreneurs or corporates to discover the infinite possibilities to go from being ‘stuck’ to generating movement. Her mission is to support people in following their unique path and to create a whole new view on the concept of working. What was your journey that led you to start your own business? After 15 years of working as an HR professional I decided to create my own job. As a ‘multi-potentialist’ I just didn’t find enough challenge anymore in my HR job and I wanted to have more impact. Tell us a bit about the roots of coaching I’m a Psychologist and, as a ‘Learning and Development Manager’, I discovered the ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ movement and ‘Positive Psychology’. I wanted to know more about it and became a certified “Talent Coach”. I am also convinced that different perspectives enable us to understand situations better, to bring movement when things are stuck, which is why I was trained in the ‘Theory U-framework’ by Otto Sharmer of MIT, a proven process aimed at doing that. Within this framework the power of others is used to deepen the understanding. To complement this skill in groups, I followed up with training in “The Art of Hosting”. What made you decide to become a Life Coach? As a kid I always helped people who were bullied. I can’t stand injustice and I wanted to make a po [...]

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