Valerie Prasetyo  Steps to successful investing By Fati Gorezi Valerie is a crypto-currency and property investor, a ‘Success Strategist’ and an International Speaker. Her vision is to create a better life on this planet for future generations and also to empower people to start living their lives on their own terms and conditions. Valerie was born in Central Asia and grew up in a traditional Asian family. She graduated from business school with a degree and an MBA. She started her first business at the age of 22 working full time in the one of the biggest central Asian banks in the department of ‘International Relations’.   What does being a successful woman mean to you? Success has a broad definition because each and every one of us defines it differently. For me, a successful woman is one who brings out all her talents and gifts and who is not afraid to stand out and deliver her message to the world. It is a woman who constantly educates herself and stands up for growth in order to serve and who brings value to the local community/country/world – and does it with the natural grace. A woman who knows exactly what she wants, achieves her goals and is not afraid to be vulnerable because recognising her vulnerability makes her stronger. A successful woman is one who stays true to her values and prioritises things accordingly having both a career and a family if she wants. At the end of the day, success is not only a combination of all your trophies, medals awards, etc., it’s how much you transform yourself for the better on your life journey. How did you c [...]

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