Tanja Richter – Unleashing potential in people By Anna Luca Tanja Richter is the Group Technology Consumer Products and Services Director at the Vodafone Group. She is a specialist with 25 years of TelCo experience, and in her current role she is responsible for design, development and operations of consumer platforms such as TV, security, communications, partner integration, Consumer IoT as well as digital capabilities such as digital abstraction layer (DXL), chatbots, My Vodafone application and Digital Identity. She is very passionate about supporting European Women on Board and STEM initiatives. Tanja also believes in diversity in general and gender diversity specifically. You are the director of Group Technology Consumer Products and Services. How do you keep the balance in your life while maintaining such high productivity? I need to balance it out, so I engage in activities like Running, Tai Chi and Yoga. I love to walk through the city’s parks and cycle through greater London. When going on holidays we almost always go to an area with mountains, as me and my partner both like mountaineering and climbing some glaciers and summits. What are your greatest strengths? I am really good in unleashing potential in people, forming teams and then build amazing new stuff. I like and am able to cope with uncertainties, and love to deliver against challenges. I truly believe a team carries more value, than the sum of its parts. My current passion is agile leadership – a different way to lead empowered teams that have to take a lot of ownership and decide on their own. [...]

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