Two vital reflections for these times By Cristina Raquel “How to be comfortable with uncertainty” “And Now What?  First and foremost, I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to life and to you who are reading this article. We are a privileged minority at this time and I am grateful for that. Beyond understanding the origin of the events we are facing, and beyond our interpretation of them, something that does have relevance and priority is our WELL-BEING and the well-being of those around us.  My invitation is that you keep paying attention to your integral health. I present two questions for reflection, because this has been my process since I was 13 years old and reflecting about life and my place in it. In my professional life I generate self-discovery and exploration for individuals, teams and organisations. Let’s review the first question by sharing a bit of a story of how this process has made an impact in my life and how I bring it to my life. In 2013 my daughter, who lives in New York (at the time was 27 years old) was diagnosed with breast cancer. Given today’s unpredictable state of being for most humans, I entered a similar uncertain and unknown territory. Not knowing Not knowing is not what we are taught in school. Not knowing can even be a reason to feel ashamed or guilty. We are trained to know, to think, to have a plan, and to make sure all is organised and ready to be implemented. Just as my March-April-May calendar was organised to travel and deliver leadership programs in Mexico and New Jersey. None of those verbs of act [...]

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