Karin Ohmann – Turn your talents into your USP & thrive in your career  Karin Ohmann is a Swiss native with an intrinsic joy for life and a passion for unconventional knowledge. She loves being around others. Her “essence” comes alive when she can inspire joy in people, make them happy, giving them warmth and supporting them in their endeavour. She advises her clients on how to thrive in their career by knowing their talents and turning those into their Unique Selling Points. She believes that as your hidden talents become visible, you are given a wholly new perspective when it comes to making decisions. Karin has evolved a holistic approach to analyse a person’s talent portfolio. Tell us about your childhood and upbringing. How did it help you to become who you are today and how would it reflect on your future?  I grew up in Switzerland where I lived with my mother, father and brother. Our parents instilled a strong work ethic in us from a very young age. They themselves have always been hardworking and entrepreneurial and this is a trait both my brother and I inherited. As a family, we are very close-knit and I believe growing up in this positive, down-to-earth environment is responsible for the values that I hold in the highest esteem: loyalty and integrity – always finding the silver lining to every cloud. Having lived all over Europe and Asia I have come to view everything through a truly global lens – whilst my entrepreneurial spirit is a core part of my identity. What is your mission in this world?  I have dedicated my entire career [...]

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