Turn  your mistakes into business lessons By Fatima Gorezi Mistakes in business are completely inevitable. It is almost impossible to build a successful business without facing problems, failures and mistakes. Mistakes are what make us. It is important to make mistakes and learn from mistakes, overcome fears and move forward. Three entrepreneurs, Nicole Beissler, Dr. Sonia Kennedy and Caroline Nijland share with us some insights and tips how to turn your mistakes into business lessons.  Nicole Beissler –The paths of success never run linear   Nicole Beissler is originally from Germany, but since 2017 she is partly living in her second home country Spain, when she is not travelling the world on business.  She is a Strategic coach, an award winning international Speaker and an Expert on how to build up Resilience in difficult times.  Working over 30 years in the corporate world, she knows exactly what the business needs. Her goal is to bring more humanity into the corporate world and expose leaders to new ways of leading their business. Currently she is the Global Woman Club Director for Alicante, Spain. Have you just faced a big mistake, finding yourself in need to accept the consequences? Did your goal fail, your dream burst? Are you close to giving up? In order to boost your motivation in such – well known – moments of failure, search for individuals who, despite numerous defeats, managed to overcome the obstacles.  Have a look at the many challenges Abraham Lincoln faced: Not only had he to overcome many deaths of his beloved ones – he lost [...]

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