By Holley Mignosi   Is the worst thing that has ever happened to you the best thing to share with your audience? Some experts say yes! Sharing a challenging moment in your life may feel vulnerable and risky. And that’s because if it’s NOT done correctly it can be a disaster. Yet if done right, it can be deeply connecting and inspiring. And that’s exactly why you should do it. Here are three tips to turn your adversity into a signature story that captivates your audience, establishes credibility, and balances vulnerability.   Three tips to turn your history into “HER-STORY” Don’t Reveal what you haven’t healed. We all love a story that has a happy ending. And that’s exactly what your audience is expecting from you as the expert. When we share our story, it must be from the place of resolution. In other words, we have resolved the challenge and now we can talk about it with ease and grace because we turned our adversity into victory. Virtual and live stages are no place to share stories that have not been resolved. Is it ok to feel emotional? Of course, that will make you relatable. But the stage is no place to lose total composure while sharing stories that have no point. Save that for your best friend. Instead, share with our audience the exact steps that created the victory. These steps could be part of your signature system. This is what your audience is looking for, the steps to create the same transformation in their life. You have the solution to their problem, and your story should illustrate this. Never reveal what you haven’t healed. Inste [...]

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