Treating Menopause with Cannabis                                                         By Lea Steuri They are breaking the mould in the industry of female wellness and menopause products. Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas are experienced entrepreneurs and the founders of Hello Again, which is a female wellness and menopause care line specialised in CBD products. The unpredictable physical symptoms of menopause can be effectively treated and relieved by the powerful cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. As the two LA moms and friends realised there were a few plant-based natural solutions to treat their menopause related symptoms, they came up with the all-natural CBD and THC vaginal suppositories as a treatment to their symptoms. Through Hello Again, Carrie and Patty empower women and help them reclaim and accept their changing bodies so that they can welcome back their confident selves. You founded Hello Again. What inspired you to bring such a product to the market? When adult use for cannabis became decriminalised in our home state of California, the two of us went into a dispensary out of curiosity. Neither of us had a previous relationship with cannabis, nor had we been to a dispensary. The shelves in 2018 looked very different from the shelves of today. Product packaging was less developed and wellness products were few and far between. In short, there was nothing there for us. However, when we began to ask questions about the products we saw, we realised that cannabis addressed mood, anxiety, sleep, energy, focus, pain, inflammation. Cannabis [...]

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