Giovana Vega Trading in financial markets is exciting and gratifying! Giovana Vega grew up in Peru. She´s the oldest of four siblings. Life took her to Spain and then to Holland. She fell in love with trading and is now successfully running her own business, teaching women the basic knowledge in technical analysis and the Forex market, to become better traders and reach financial independence through financial markets. She is also writing a book, Trading for Success: Eight Secrets Why Women are Better Forex Traders. Giovana has transpormed from being bullied in school to making her dreams of a life abroad and being an entrepreneur come true.   How do you remember your life as a young girl, growing up in Peru? Growing up in Peru can be a quite different experience depending on your circumstances. If you have educated parents and an upper middle-class standard of living, you can live really well. In reality, it´s not that different from how you live in Europe. My parents are exemplary and I love them so much. They´ve always instilled values and morals in us. I remember having a life full of responsibilities and apart from going to school, we also had our sports and hobbies. I loved to draw and paint when I was little, and I also took ballet and swimming classes. I loved to swim; I remember that I had to train every morning before going to school. That helped me develop discipline. However there is another side to the coin. It could be the case that you grow up in a simple family that doesn´t have economic resources. The experience of growing up in that social clas [...]

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