Top Tips for Introducing Diversity into the Workplace   By John Hazelton, Managing Director, The UK is facing a digital skills gap, estimated to cost the economy £63 billion a year. We will need to fill more than 750,000 new digital jobs by 2020 and train approximately 2.3 million people in digital skills (Recruitment and Employment Confederation). If we Brexit, the gap will increase, as our recruitment pool shrinks, hindering us from attracting the best talent available from the EU. The technology sector relies on EU citizens to fill approximately 180,000 jobs which equates to about a fifth of all technology jobs in London. Since the referendum vote to leave the EU there has been a 50% decrease in foreign technology job applications. We are increasingly lacking the skills required to keep up the pace with new technologies. Software developers have to replace about half of what they know every two years. It is estimated that there will be at least 133 million new roles generated by 2022 (World Economic Forum) as a result of the new jobs created from the new technologies. The Digital Skills gap is a major challenge to the UK and one solution to plugging the gap is to create more diversity in the workplace. Letting go of traditional mindsets and recruitment processes, and approaching it with an open mind to discover new ways of working and re-shaping the workforce.  Follow our top tips to introducing more diversity into your workplace to make a difference. The Clones The majority of software engineers are white men between 25- 35, so the talent pool is vas [...]

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