Top 10 Inspiring Women Making Waves Around The World! Power and influence take many forms in the reality of today. It is no longer enough, simple or the same as it was in the old “establishment”. It does, however, require an eye-watering level of achievement, the ability to inspire, and a strong will to change others lives. 2019 has been a great year for us, we have shared many stories of incredible women with our audience, how they have overcome challenges, built their businesses and become successful internationally. They are all women who have given so much to the world, an extraordinary group of leaders who have inspired and motivated our audience during the year, and they will continue to do so for many more years to come. It is with delight that we end this year with presenting these 10 inspiring ladies making waves around the world.   Sonia Saidi Founder of My Infinite Ways , Balearic Island Sonia Saidi is an entrepreneur, a career transition coach, an NLP practitioner, a public speaker, a philanthropist, who is also passionate about life. Born and raised in France, where she studied sales and marketing, she felt that it was time to do something that would mark her history, it’s now or never. The dreams must become her reality. On her 25th birthday, she took her courage and made the choice to leave her country to live a new experience. She had 600 euros in her pocket, her backpack, an English dictionary and booked a ticket to Australia. A new adventure began. She made tons of lifetime experiences, met incredible friends and took a different job, d [...]

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