Filippa Dietmann –Together, we can build a better world for tomorrow By Fatima Gorezi Filippa Dietmann is the sports athlete and PE teacher who followed her vision and became a leader expert and transformer with special focus on women´s leadership. She has had the passion for her own and other´s development all her life and has let her curiosity lead the way most of the times. Her journey has included assignments as teacher, trainer, manager, management consultant, professional coach and entrepreneur.   Can you tell us more about your entrepreneur journey? I started my own company in my mid twenties My main focus was actually already there then, as I can see now, on building inner leadership. I was a health consultant working with health strategies in different companies and organisations. There I met managers and employees who needed to deal with their stress and physical discomfort. They wanted to learn more about mental training and how to exercise, stretch and learn to eat better food. How to be healthy and productive at the same time.  When I met with my clients they opened up, I asked questions and helped them to find their answers to better health and work/life balance. Since I was an athlete I knew about sports coaching but when I came across something called “professional coaching” it really knocked me out in a positive way. I had found my approach, methodology and tools and I developed my business to more management consultancy, executive coaching and leadership training. Today I run Partner in Progress with the training academy Leadership Growth Ac [...]

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