Tips From Business Women In Paris By Fati Gorezi Coming from many from different countries and many different cultures what they all have in common is that they are all beautiful souls with a desire to empower women around the world. Their enthusiasm is contagious and this is the reason they are so admired and inspire so much confidence in others If you are truly ready to change your life then you need to know about Wani, Nina and Konnie, the three businesswomen from Paris and their stories. Have a look at the following statements to earn an insight into the world of female business in Paris.   Wani Manly  Create your own reality and break the rules   What is your background and how did you end up starting a business in Paris? I am an American-Liberian international business lawyer, bestselling author, speaker and abundance mindset coach from Miami. I was led to Paris in 2011 when, over the course of a year, I received universal signs every single day about all things Paris and France.  That eventually led me to following my calling and moving to Paris – a city that was never remotely on my radar and also a city in which I had zero connection to. Nevertheless, I trusted the inner guidance that was calling me here and came to the city without a Plan A, a Plan B, or even a plan C. I didn’t know one word of the language, nor did I know a single person in Paris. That was almost six years ago. Up until now, I have not technically started a business in Paris, but I will be doing so this year in 2018. I am obsessed with freedom, so I have designed my life whe [...]

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