National logistics firm offers top tips for women considering a career in transport   With International Women’s Day around the corner, national warehousing, logistics and courier company The NX Group is keen to encourage more women to consider careers in the logistics and transport industry. From recent school-leavers or university graduates to those who are contemplating a career change, the transport sector offers a broad range of roles and progression opportunities for males and females alike. As The NX Group continues to expand – it currently employs 79 full-time staff, 17 of whom are female – the firm is committed to raising the profile of the industry for women, with a view to attracting prospective employees who may previously not have considered logistics or transport as potential career paths.   Jo Lawlor, Team Leader and Account Manager at The NX Group, says: “There is a need for more women higher up in this industry.” The company’s top three tips are as follows: Explore all available options. Take time to look into the many roles and routes the industry has to offer – from driving to data management – and see which one appeals to you. Jo Lawlor, Team Leader and Account Manager at The NX Group, says: “People think truck drivers are all men, and while this certainly isn’t the case, there aren’t as many female truck drivers as there could be.” Helen Chick, who has held the position of Marketing Manager for The NX Group for almost two years, adds: “Since joining the Northamptonshire Logistics Forum I’ve grown more aware of [...]

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