Three Things You Should Know About Leadership By Gulia Lucci  Sometimes ‘People Leadership’ is ugly and complicated. It is also a huge responsibility as it deals with people’s feelings and where their decisions may impact people lives. Three successful women now share with us their wisdom about leadership and some tips from their personal experience, their business vision and their communication and leadership style. 1. Leadership starts from within Monique Dekker -Eigenaar at ‘Total Presence Academy’ – Netherlands Leadership is not for the high and mighty. It is not a role reserved just for those who have a degree or title. Leadership starts within and the way we lead ourselves. We just have to claim and own it. When we lead our self in the right way we will lead others without having to make any effort. People will follow, just because we lead by example. Most women are born leaders even without realizing it. The way they handle and lead their family is one of the greatest examples. Women have the ability to make difficult and harsh decisions and still be gracious and gentle at the same time. The one thing that makes women vulnerable is our conviction that everything and everyone is more important than ourselves. This leads us to hide our own talents and worth, while putting others first and encouraging them to shine. The beauty of this is that we inspire a few to become the best version of themselves. The sad thing is; what about becoming our own best version and making a much bigger impact? The good news is that true leaders can do both, we just have [...]

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