Juliana Pasha  Surrounding Yourself With The Right People Changes Everything   Juliana Pasha is a popular singer based in Albania. She began to sing at the age of five and now as an affirmed singer, has managed to conquer the musical scene and the hearts of thousands of fans. Juliana is known for her powerful voice and for her wonderful stage performances, full of charm and energy. Juliana was present at many Albanian music festivals and she has won many awards.  She represented Albania at Eurovion 2010 and her performance on stage was one of the best ever. With her pleasant voice, charm and her fascinating scenic appearance, she is not only liked and admired in Albania but also in Kosovo, North Macedonia and beyond. Juliana is very passionate about women empowerment and believe that all women have a gift, and to feel more empowered it takes a structured process of setting goals, affirming the change they want and seeing progress along the way. How did your upbringing help to shape who you are today? I started singing at the age of 5. It was my family who saw the talent in me and believed that I could became a singer, so they supported me from the beginning. Of course i have worked very much to become a well known artist because I love music and I love singing most of all. When I was 16 years old I worked every day for at least 4 years to shape my voice and to know the best techniques of singing. Do you feel that you chose your “passion”, or did it choose you? It is 100% true that I chose my passion because I had the gift.  What inspires you to sing, [...]

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