Anne Goldsmith There has never been a better time for women to make the decision By Fatima Gorezi  Anne Goldsmith is a  Positive Behaviour Consultant and Parenting Coach. Anne supports children and teenagers to break through negative behaviour patterns to empower them to reach their full potential – whatever that means to them.  Her unique programme helps prevent permanent pupil exclusion, increases confidence, raises self-esteem, reduces anxiety and aggressive outbursts. Anne’s unique approach, working directly with children helps to reveal the issues and concerns behind negative behaviour and provides practical tailored solutions for lasting change.  Anne supports parents and educators by delivering parenting workshops and staff training in educational settings. On a personal level, Anne is a black belt 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do, having won silver and bronze medals at the World Championships in 2011 and has been involved with The Oasis Project – a charity based in The Gambia where she visits to train and mentor teachers, teach the students and was involved in the implementation of an environmental project to reduce malaria and water borne diseases on her last visit in November 2018. What were the challenges and experiences in your life that have influenced who and what you are today? I was a confident child, despite being raised by a single parent who came to England from Jamaica in 1960. My mum had a very tough life, holding down different jobs to feed and clothe me and my brothers and sister. Having very little money didn’t matter to me, I had a ha [...]

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