By Felicia Shakespeare   We are definitely mindful and clear that out of every great trial comes a greater triumph. But not only that, also a greater sense of responsibility. I won’t go into all the many lessons I’ve already had and personally learned from COVID-19 (because we are literally still in the middle of all of this still unfolding). Reassured and keeping faith through it all, I would still call this a God given moment undeniably so. We are several months in now with social distancing orders that came down from our city’s leadership and ultimately now from the federal government in many parts of the country and world. I believe at this juncture, regardless of where you live, most of us are choosing to “self” quarantine regularly for safety reasons whether the point is being hammered down to do so or not.   Although I won’t go into them all, one of the greatest and most positive lesson takeaways from this entire pandemic that is self evident to me is the time I’ve been given to be at home. Having been a remote worker some years back,  I always remember the many advantages that gave me.  The deeper message here I believe has not just been the time given to work from home but, many of us have been given access to something that we’ve wanted for such a long time and that is a “reclaiming our time.” The power and value of time is completely invaluable. Something that money can’t buy has been put back on the clock, in our treasure box, that sweet four letter word, called time. This is how I would encourage you to spend yours. Don’t mis [...]

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