Christiane Rondeau –“The time has come for women to stage confidently and in full awareness” By Ellen Smith From teacher to business owner, Christiane Rondeau’s mission is to help more and more women find their purpose in life, succeed in their business and empower other women to do so. Her motto in life and business is: “Find a way to serve the many, for service to the many leads to greatness’’ You are passionate about women empowerment. Can you tell us more about your work with women ? Yes, it’s a real passion to work with women who have decided to change their lives and know that they have taken the right decision. Whether they are in their early twenties, mid thirties, or late fourties or over, they know they don’t want to keep on doing what they’ve been doing up to now.They want to challenge themselves, to change directions completely. In other words, they want to make a Masterpiece of their lives. The reason why  we get on so well is that we‘re very similar to each other. I changed direction myself  from a very traditional and comfortable job as an experienced teacher to a less traditional and challenging job in network marketing. I was given the chance to jump into the unknown  by seizing a life changing opportunity that helped me take flight. I have developped new skills and knowhow from scratch and this is exciting. With my network marketing business I have created a tailor-made life style. I  travel the world , achieve my dreams and live a fulfilled life. The time has come for women to be themselves, to reveal the burning energy [...]

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