By Charity Madenyika My name is Charity Madenyika, I am the founder of Chazma Shalom Mediation, aiming to help rebuild broken relationships. Building broken relationships is not just something I do as a skill. For me it is a calling and vocation. It is something that comes from deep within me, at the core of who I am. I love people and would like to see each person flourish to fully attain their God-given potential and enjoy life to the full. Relationships is what we humans are made to enjoy, as each one of us need to relate to someone.   Before I moved to the UK, I worked for the National Employment Council for the Motor Industry of Zimbabwe, where I was involved in the collective bargaining process. I observed how the parties involved would haggle and navigate the negotiation until a deal was made. In the beginning, each party had justifications for the position they were negotiating. But eventually both parties (i.e. the employer and employee) would have to adjust their position after considering the other party’s submission. This eventually led to an acceptable deal and not necessarily a favourable one for both parties. Compromises were made and usually not equally by both parties. We are involved in similar negotiations daily. When we talk ourselves into having desert with the promise of a workout tomorrow, or with a child who is seeking a curfew extension. At work when negotiating a raise or making a sale. Even with our friends when we are choosing which movie to watch or which activity to do. The magnitude of the deals differs, but we make them every day. Each [...]

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