Lirone Glikman

The relationship drivers of women in business

By: Nika Jazaee

Lirone Glikman is a business relationship consultant, speaker, author and the developer of ‘The 5 Pillar Method of Effective Business Relationship.’ She has since 2011 been working with thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs around the world, providing them with useful tools to achieve their goals. She joined the regional radio station at the age of 16 with hope to spread happiness during harsh times. In this interview Lirone tells us why she believe that women bring more personal attention, listening, and cooperation to social situations, and how more and more women are taking on Women in Leadership roles in cooperatives and businesses.

Lirone Glikman

You started your career at the age of only 16. Usually, all we do around that age is worry about what to wear or dream about travelling the world with a backpack. What made you enter your career so early?

From a very young age I dreamed of “doing good”, helping people in need, providing opportunities to others, and making peoples’ dreams come true. I remember writing business plans for myself, focusing on different ideas I had. I invested a lot of time in dreaming and developing my aspirations for the future. I grew up in a loving, positive family as the oldest of three children. I was privileged to be able to travel the world quite a bit and meet with different people, and I learned a lot about different cultures. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a positive view on life – my name’s meaning in Hebrew is “my happiness”, which resonates with my character. Those who know me say that my smile is my trademark.On the other hand, growing up in Israel in a harsh security situation with terror attacks on civilians and buses being bombed wasn’t easy. As a young teenager, I had the urge to make people around me happier and show them the bright side in those harsh times. I realised I could use the media as a means to distribute “good vibes” to the masses in those not-so-easy days, and this is why I joined the regional radio station at the age of 16.

I signed up for a radio course at the nearest regional radio station, 90 FM. On the last day of the course, I walked into the CEO’s office and told him I wanted to work for them. I felt that radio is such an amazing and personal form of media, and I fell in love with its power. The CEO hired me on the spot and I started producing entertainment shows, and soon enough I was hosting shows myself. Through the years I’ve developed my professional experience in marketing, PR, and business development, working for leading companies in Israel, Australia, and the U.S. After 12 years of developing my professional career I discovered and owned my distinct strengths, which led to developing a business relationship method and coaching companies and individuals, providing them with practices for their professional success through relationship building. The ability to form relationships that are real and help you in your career and life is an interdisciplinary field: It’s about leadership, interpersonal communication, image management, sales, marketing, and partnership. My business came from the very same place in me that wishes to influence people for the best and help them grow and form a fulfilled life they love.

My business came from the very same place in me that wishes to influence people for the best and help them grow and form a fulfilled life they love.

You are a hardworking woman with hands everywhere, blogging, networking, speaking… and so on – what keeps you going?

Building your own business by yourself is definitely not an easy task. Someone once said that if “one would have known what he would need to go through before opening up a business, he might have not started it at all.” Being a business owner means overcoming so many obstacles along with a great learning process, professional and personal development, discovering yourself, and expanding your abilities. For every good achievement I had, I experienced some failures. It took a lot of time to learn how to develop my business and discover what works. Looking back at this road, which I am still walking on, is very exciting and what the future can hold for me is even more exciting!

What keeps me going comes first of all from my heart, I feel this is my calling. I also take great pride in my ability to provide practices to others and feel I can really make a difference in their lives and work. The satisfaction in it is amazing. As much as we are different from one another, we are also very much alike. Most people need the basics: to feel respected, to feel that they belong, to know that they are appreciated, to know that others really listen to what they say—that’s the essence of our needs as humans. When we know how to form a supportive network of people in our workplace everything goes more smoothly, work is more effective, and people around you feel better. To provide someone with the opportunity to get there, that’s what keeps me passionate.

Most people need the basics: to feel respected, to feel that they belong, to know that they are appreciated, to know that others really listen to what they say—that’s the essence of our needs as humans.

Tell us about the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your life, how did you overcome it or are dealing with it today?
My life’s main challenge is by all means the loss of my mother when I was 20. She was the most optimistic and kindest person, and I embraced some of her qualities to live by her legacy. Losing her at such a young age changed the course of my life in many aspects. I realised quickly that I had two options in my life: either to fall down, or to work hard to lift myself up and live life to the fullest. I chose happiness and optimism as a way of life, and appreciate what I have. At the same time, I decided to not let life slip through my fingers because we only live once! I realised that I never want to look back and feel sorry for the things I didn’t do in life. This is why I live by my personal calling. I aim to fulfill my dreams and goals, both small and large.

Tell us more about your dreams and aspirations in life.

I have a lot of dreams and aspirations, and they are constantly evolving. However, the basics needed to make any dream possible are very clear to me: I want to be truly happy from within, maintain my good physical and mental health by eating well and doing sports and yoga, and surround myself with good people that I have meaningful relationships with. That’s all we need to grow from. Beyond that, I have a few main dreams right now: I want to keep developing a dream I’ve fulfilled this year, which is to work with the U.N. I’m an honorary adviser to the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development – NY, for the United Nations. We deal with the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals, which are 17 different goals aiming at making the world a better place in all main aspects of humanity and the environment. I was honoured to speak at one of their committees, which was a great personal and professional achievement. I plan to keep working with them in the coming years. I would like to further expand my company as a top-quality global firm for personal leadership and interpersonal communications. I would also like to do more philanthropic work that makes an impact.

Lirone Glikman

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I hope to personally be happy and healthy, and to have my own family. Professionally, I aim to have a few branches in major cities around the world, have a top team of instructors working with me, and keep spreading my method globally.

Are more women taking on leading roles do you think? How will this change the market in your opinion?

From a woman’s perspective, being a woman means managing multiple fronts. The best time to develop our career is also biologically the time to build a family. That’s what makes women so powerful, in my view, but on the other hand this makes it more challenging for women to take on leading roles at some stage. Of course, different industries provide different opportunities for a woman to lead as well. Generally speaking, I definitely see more and more women taking on leading roles in business and the corporate world, and in male-dominated fields such as government, finance, and there are more female pilots and soldiers, but the numbers are still significantly low compared to men in leading roles.
I think the glass ceiling is breaking, but women are still expected to prove their skill set and talent more than men are, and that shows that our society still has a long way to go.

Women definitely shape markets differently. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, said it best: “We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation”. For the most part, women bring more personal attention, listening, and cooperation to social situations. Women are often driven less by ego and more by partnership for the goal. Ivan Misner’s study stated that most women are better at creating business relationships than men, since they are more “process” oriented and bring more value to each relationship, as opposed to men who are more results-oriented. If there is one thing I would like women to take away from this article, it is the acknowledgment that you are good enough and can and should fulfil yourself exactly the way you want to.

As Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”, said: “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.”