Luana Vjollca The power that launches a woman’s priorities   Luana Vjollca is a TV presenter, singer, showgirl and social media influencer based in Albania. Her career in television reached the peak with her own TV show ‘Look who’s playing’. The entertainment show was broadcasted during Prime Time with Luana Vjollca as the host and as a co-author as well, throughout the television season of 2017. Eloquent, smiling and positive, she knew how to make the audience for herself, appearing in front of them full of authenticity, energy and inspiration. In this cover story she shares with us more details about her work, destiny, career, dreams, goals but also the essence of a joyful life and absolute fulfilment. She is very passionate about women empowerment. She truly believes that we need men and women to be on the same page about such topic and begin to make changes. There is no greater pillar of stability than a strong, free and educated woman. Luana is a constant visitor at ‘Zyber Hallulli’ orphanage and she maintains a close relationship with all the kids there, especially the girls. Her charity work is fairly visible to the public eye. You wear many hats: tv presenter, singer, showgirl and social media influencer. What is the formula behind your success? Work, work and only work. Definitely I believe that if you work towards what you “dream” or intend, you will accomplish it one day. There is nothing impossible. There are only possible things that require a lot of will, hard work and passion to get them done right. I think the fact that [...]

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