Fatma & Aulona – The power of women to change the world By Megi Hodo  Fatma and Aulona are two of the most successful journalists in Albania. They have achieved so much not only on television and their careers but also in business and their personal life. During the last years they have established a great profile in social media as influencers. They have access to a huge audience and attract many viewers consistently and motivate others to be successful. They have been included  in many social initiatives , especially the ones focused on women’s rights. They believe that the power of successful women comes from self-esteem, freedom, and the ability to create a success step by step. Read their interview and be inspired! Fatma and Aulona, two of the most successful journalists, not only on television but also in business and they personal life. Do you consider yourselves as powerful women? Aulona : First of all, thank you for your appreciation and the kind words. In this moment of my life, I can definitely say that I consider myself a strong woman, bearing in mind my achievement in personal and professional life. I think that the most important thing that makes a woman strong is freedom: freedom of thought, expression, action. Freedom brings independence and an independent woman is always powerful. All my life I have fought hard to be independent: from adolescence and early youth, I have been at “war” and constantly struggling to gain independence from my family. I started working at the age of 20, even though I lived in a family that could [...]

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