The Life Less Lived – how remote working is helping this woman buy her dream home   Jane Holmes is a marketing manager for a workplace technology specialist based in London. This is not the stereotypical start of a great adventure – but if you want to find Jane at her desk, you’ll have to head more than 500 miles north, to a car park overlooking the inimitable Scottish Highlands. Jane has lived here in her Volkswagen LT van for more than 18 months with her husband. They’re saving to buy the land they need to build their dream home: a three-bedroom stone house in the Highlands. “We know it is unorthodox,” said Jane. “There was a lot of toing and froing before we decided to go and live in the van while we considered what other people might think, as we knew there would be a stigma around it.” Downsizing to a £2,000 van meant making sacrifices at first. With no access to running gas, water or electricity, Jane and Stephen were unable to turn on the heating on a cold day or to get a drink from the kitchen tap. But now they’ve adapted to their new way of living, Jane now feels that she’s got everything she’s ever needed. The couple visit a local gym whenever they need to shower and use a wood burner to keep warm. “I live in a place with stunning views, I have my health and my loving partner, and the ability to fit my working life around what works for me,” she explained. “We live in a world where everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses, but we are the makers of our own destiny. What more could you want?” Jane works five days a week f [...]

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