Katja Schleicher The Importance of Storytelling in Growing Your Business By Fatima Gorezi Katja Schleicher is a trainer, coach, personal brand builder and keynote speaker specialised in communication, storytelling and intercultural communication.  She trains and consults companies and organisations in finding and telling their corporate stories to emotionalise the public awareness of their brands. Storytelling in business is an integral part of our lives. Stories connect people with other people, businesses, brands, products, and their goals. Katja is passionate about women empowerment as well. She believes that the future of business is female and there is no better time for women to be in business than now. Tell us a little bit about what you do. European by heart – in my work as an expert in all things communication, I train executives and teams in developing their dialogue and narrative skills as much as their abilities when it comes to pitching, presenting and speaking on stage. I do that in German, English and Dutch. So Story-Work, Personal Branding & Rhetoric and intercultural communication are at the heart of impact! Regarding communication, I set up the Pan-European-Trainings-bureau in 2006. I dive into and solve daily communicative and inter-cultural misunderstandings, mostly in business; with mergers & acquisitions, between companies, colleagues, departments, women & men, etc. I built my personal brand around a direct, practical and zero-nonsense approach, which stays always in close empathy to the person(s) I’m working with and never losi [...]

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