Mona Tenjo – The business metrics that matter By Fatima Gorezi  Mona Tenjo is a Business Growth Expert who consults businesses all across the world on how to generate sustainable business growth. She gained more than 15 years of hands-on experience as consultant and worked with some of the largest companies in the world. Throughout her career, she successfully trained and coached customers of more than 50 different nationalities in more than 16 countries. Mona designs success strategies for her clients, crafts practicable action plans and helps your team to implement them. Thriving in business for her means being successful in what you do and having enough time to invest in your personal growth, in your family and in your business. However, managing such endeavors requires the ability to delegate, to optimise and to focus constantly. Can you tell us more about your professional background? I have started my professional career at age 18 as an apprentice, learning the profession of an industrial clerk from scratch: reception service, accounting, cash register, order management, client service – everything that needed to get done. I worked there for several years before taking the step to attend university to study International Business. After working about a year in a lobbying department in Brussels and taking a semester abroad in Madrid, I started working as a business consultant for an IT company that produced strategic purchasing software. I worked for 5 years with the largest companies in Germany, implementing projects, creating and selling solutions. I [...]

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