Dyana Gravina The Art of being a mother and an entrepreneur By Nika Jazaee Dyana Gravina is a young entrepreneur that left her established career in Italy when she found out that she was pregnant, and moved to London for love. She had a background in events management and had been working in creative arts for a long time. She was full of enthusiasm, moving to the city of possibilities but found herself struggling with language barriers, and being pregnant made everything more difficult. As her belly grew so also did her ambitions and dreams grow bigger. Dyana’s pregnancy led her into starting a whole new project here in London, celebrating mother and pregnant artists. Read her full story here.         You started to build your career on your own from a very young age, tell us more about this journey. Picture a quiet, very small town near the seaside in the south of Italy, then imagine a very young girl who cannot be still, whose passions for music and dance made her dreams bigger than the reality surrounding her. Think about a little girl whose parents are very young, there is not much time for reflections and not much space for caring and supporting the vision of a little creature. But there is love. I felt the need of being financially independent from a very young age, confident that one day I would leave that town. I have done everything within my capabilities to make that happen, occupying my days between school, dance classes, and working seasonally from the age of fourteen. Eventually the time arrived, as I left for university and paid for my studies by doi [...]

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