Menopause is a celebration!  By Cathy Skipper Cathy Skipper trained in France as an herbalist and aromatherapist and is now living in Taos, New Mexico. Her journey in plant medicine lead her to working with plants intuitively and helping others to reconnect with nature. Using the alchemical journey towards individuation and aromatics, she guides healers and therapists in ways to heal their own wounds and find their personal myth in order to help others. She believes for men and women to embrace the divine feminine within, women need to lead the way. She is devoted to transforming the way women experience menopause, using intuitive plant communication, art and inner journey work, she leads them through their own authentic inner journeys towards true empowerment in order for them to become the wise women elders we so badly need. Cathy is the author of two books, Aromatic Medicine and The Alchemy of Menopause. She teaches “Intuitive Plant communication”, “hydrosol distilling”, “Alchemy, aromatherapy, the wounded healer and medicine of the soul” and The Alchemy of Menopause both as live and online classes. She also mentors and counsels people through the journey of unlocking historical trauma from our DNA.   Menopause is a celebration. We must raise the status of post- menopausal women and restore their value. We must return them to where they rightfully belong. Many women do not see peri-menopause as an empowering, beautiful, natural transition to the next part of their lives. They may feel disconnected from themselves and from the secrets of the wise cron [...]

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