Sylvia Mattens – “Helping people live their best life”   By Fati Gorezi Sylvia Mattens is a Trainer, Mentor, Coach and Inspirational Speaker. After more than a decade as a psychologist and HR Manager in law enforcement she chose the freedom of having an entrepreneurial lifestyle. She is the ambitious founder and CEO of “NEO VITA”, a company that helps women and men become the leader of their own life and career by creating a growth mindset and proactive attitude, and of “Lead with Benefits”, a Company that matches and aligns vision and strategy with company culture by empowering leaders. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey? Leadership is a lifestyle not a job! These words summarise the transformation I have gone through thanks to my entrepreneurial journey. For many years, my job was my number one priority, my way of proving my worth. Then it became my biggest pain and a liberating turning point in my life. I took the big risk of leaving my management job and starting my own business as a leadership development strategist working with executives, managers, entrepreneurs and leadership teams. I wanted more out of life than just existing. Doing meaningful work by living up to my potential, my qualities, my strengths and my values became a new priority in my life. I wanted to help people wholeheartedly without being limited any longer by a system. My entrepreneurial life is all about making a significant difference to the lives of people in leadership roles. Having my own business has taught me a lot about myself. I have fou [...]

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