Stella Bida – Share my messages with the world!   By Fati Gorezi Stella Bida is an entrepreneur, Success Strategist, Consultant, International Speaker and Author. Her natural entrepreneurial mindset allows her to step into chaotic situations and turn them into solutions – that is what drives her! Throughout her career she has worked with some very important and successful people who have influenced her to grow professionally and, in this article, she shares her experiences with us. Stella tells us about the things that inspire her and what it means to be a successful woman in international speaking, her progression into a leadership role and about her everyday life. What are your secrets in terms of motivating people? Beyond motivation, which can appear as a one-shot solution, I think that what people need is follow-up. In terms of the experience I have with my clients and myself, I see that what is highly effective is to have someone who challenges you regularly – even if this means repeating the same things over and over again. Following-up with consistency is what truly gets people into undertaking actions which create sustainable changes and new habits in order to give them the results they want to observe in their lives and business. What are your three top tips for personal development? I had to learn the first tip after being coached. It may sound obvious for the people who are already familiar to personal development. It is reminding myself about my ultimate drive before I start doing anything. I have found out how important the question “Wh [...]

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