Melissa Stone and Joanna Stone Sister businesses are booming Melissa Stone and Joanna Stone are sisters and business partners. Whilst they grew up with the traditional expectation of a day job, they have changed their destiny by transitioning into entrepreneurs. They are property investors, life and business coaches, speakers, and philanthropists. Their story reveals that they are where they are today not by accident but rather by planning, dedication, and taking regular and consistent action. Their core values are love and contribution and they are driven by a both higher purpose and a big vision for the world. Photograph credits: Max Bridge What makes your relationship as sisters so special? Both: We have camaraderie from growing up together and a beautiful soul-deep connection that forms the backbone of our daily lives. There’s something of an inner sanctum between us. We have shared ambitions and are mutually supportive of each other. The key to keeping our relationship healthy is not to compare ourselves with each other. By celebrating our individual and joint successes, we avoid competition coming in between us. Melissa is the most loyal and loving creature on the planet. She is creative, resilient, practical, and her energy and passion keep me inspired. We share a heart. I am sharp, business-minded and analytical, she can see opportunities and brings different elements together for successfully ventures – Joanna Joanna is my confidante, my constant and the ultimate friend. She is focused, fun and grounded, and never fails to amuse me. To me, she is my [...]

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