Fabrizio Mancini and Karen Aycock – The power couple By Xhoana Lama  They are a breathtaking couple, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini and Karen Aycock. Not only because of their outer appearances, but because they are on a mission to bring love and higher potential to others. Their story inspires and empowers many into self healing, financial freedom and creating the balance in life that leads to true happiness, success and a more fulfilling intimate relationship.   Fabrizio, or Dr. Fab as he is commonly referred to, is a world renowned Chiropractor. He is America’s #1 Healthy Living Media Expert, Best selling Author and Speaker, who mentors CEOs and entrepreneurs towards reaching their personal and professional potential. Karen is a skilled Network Marketing Business Expert, specialising in building businesses quickly, with duplication and the power of leverage. Her passion is empowering women to believe in themselves and their ability to not only support their needs but thrive and become financially independent.   Fab and Karen are a charismatic couple, and what they want to bring to you is the belief that you can create a life you absolutely love.  New thoughts, that can help you move into this new decade in a more authentic way. To fully understand how each of us can be the best in our lives, by focusing on excellence in every area. Their union is a blessing for the world, as they share a deeply positive message with a high frequency of love. For this Valentine’s Day we deserve nothing less than a story of true love, a love that makes us feel amazing from the core. [...]

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