Sharmila Soosaipillai  & ShariffaMubarak The foundations of our long friendship has helped us to succeed in business  Interview: Nika Jazaee – Photo Credit: Rinaldo Sata Sharmila Soosaipillai and Shariffa Mubarak, are best friends and business partners, who came to the UK in the hope for better career prospects and increased travel opportunities. They certainly achieved that by working and travelling for global firms such as, Ernst & Young, Pricewater house Coopers, Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander, AXA and Northern Trust. In our exclusive interview, we talk about how raw honesty in communication can be a valuable input to manage beingbest friends and business partners, andtheir mission to empower more women leaders of the future. Sharmila Soosaipillai You are not only business partners but also best friends. They say that friendship and business do not always turn out well, what is your secret to making it work? This month we celebrate 20 years of friendship.We have been through life’s ups and downs, births and deaths, marriage, we have lived next door and oceans apart.  We’ve had people be jealous of our friendship and try to break us apart.  The foundations of our friendship have helped us survive and thrive over the years.  Those foundations are based on loyalty, integrity, mutual love and admiration and most importantly, strong communication.  We communicate with such raw honesty with each other that at times it shocks others but we know it comes from a place where we hold each other to a higher standard.  With such solid foundations, this is [...]

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